A New Look for Sigstore

You may have noticed Sigstore has a brand new logo! And not just the main logo but there are new logos for Rekor, Cosign, Fulcio and Gitsign. As the community works towards GA, we also wanted to spend some time sprucing up the Sigstore brand! We’re happy to share the new Sigstore logos and color palette.

In November 2021, Sigstore joined the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) as a project. In conjunction with the OpenSSF, the community kicked off the new logo initiative. Over the past months we’ve run a series of votes which resulted in the final logo. The new logo took elements of the old logo and embodies them in a wax seal because Sigstore acts as the digital wax seal for software. In fact this is how Wired described Sigstore back in 2021.

Project Logos

Following the new logo design we then set about deciding on the logos for the subprojects. After many deliberations here is the final set of logos:

➡️ Get all the logos here!

Color Palette

Below you can see the primary and secondary colors, as well as which can be layered on top of the others (as indicated by the colored circles on top of each color block). The red is a nod to the original salmon color that represented Sigstore.

Color Codes

To make it simple for you, here are the codes for the web colors.

  • Dark Blue: #2E2F71
  • Light Blue: #B3D0E7
  • Yellow: #F4BE37
  • Dark green: #117373
  • Light green: #DDECC5
  • Salmon Red: #ED6A5B
  • Cream: #F9F7EF
  • Black: #25252E

Brand Guidelines

We’re excited to have newly designed logos for each of the Sigstore tools. Over the next few weeks we expect to propagate the new logos wherever Sigstore is used. If you see an old logo please help us get it updated! You can find usage guidelines in the new Sigstore Brand Guide.

Get the logos and view the full branding kit ⬇️

View Sigstore Branding & Download the Logos

Many thanks to everybody in the community that participated in the rebranding process!