Sigstore January Roundup

Welcome to the January edition of the Sigstore Roundup! This is a regular summary of Sigstore news, events, releases and other happenings.


KubeCon Europe 2024

The next KubeCon Europe will be held on 19th – 22nd March.

There are serveral Sigstore related talks and events planned for KubeCon Europe, including:


The next FOSDEM will be held in Brussels, Belgium on the 3rd & 4th February 2024 along with a talk on Sigstore and SLSA by John Viega.

Sigstore Community Meeting

The last Sigstore Community Meeting was held on the January 23rd.

You can watch a recording of the meeting here

The next Sigstore Community Meeting will be held on February 6th.

To join the meeting, please see the meeting details

Interesting Discussions and Developments

Cryptographic Agility

Some very interesting work is happening in the Sigstore community around cryptographic agility. This includes support of further signature algorithms and the integration of post-quantum signatures schemes.

Community member William Woodruff had this to say about the work:

Over the past month, we’ve revisited the Configurable Crypto Algorithms proposal and have begun to work towards signature algorithm agility on various core Sigstore codebases (Fulcio, Rekor, cosign, sigstore-go, and the protobuf-specs). We’ve already made significant progress towards enabling agility within a safe set of signature suites, and are quickly moving towards a state where the public Sigstore instances will be able to handle Ed25519 keypairs and signatures. Longer term, we’ll be using that agility to investigate integrations of post-quantum signatures schemes, including hash-based signature schemes like LMS and LM-OTS (the latter being a perfect fit for Sigstore’s “keyless” model).

The original proposal can be found here

sigstore-python: DSSE support has landed!

Support for DSSE has been added to the sigstore-python library. This is a significant milestone for the project. The DSSE support is currently in a pre-release state and we welcome all feedback and contributions.

For those unfamiliar with DSSE (Dead Simple Signing Envelope), it is a protocol for signing and verifying software artifacts using an embedded payload that is passed over with a signature. This is in contrast to the traditional detached signature approach.

You can view the pull request here

A release will be made shortly.

Latest Releases

This month has not seen any major releases, but there have been a number of minor releases across the various Sigstore projects.

sigstore-go v0.1.0

The initial release of Initial sigstore-go has been shipped!!

sigstore v1.8.1

The sigstore library has been updated to v1.8.1.

Timestamp v1.2.1

The timestamp-authority library has been updated to v1.2.1.

User adoption

  • The Bandit Project is now using sigstore to sign their releases. read more

In the News

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